John Shupeck

Born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa, John has lived a rather...interesting life. Author, musician with international radio play, trained professional wrestler, ministry student, he has always managed to latch onto the most colorful aspects of modern day culture and pursue his dreams to the fullest, even if the results are more often than not for his own personal fulfillment, rather than monetary enrichment.

After his father died in 1997, 9 year old John was exposed to a world of entertainment and whimsy that would soon shape and mold his life in a way that no one could have predicted. First being introduced to the world of hip-hop at age 10, he began writing and recording his own music while living in downtown Pittsburgh. At age 16, John took on the moniker of "Whyt Bred," performing with his brother, "Ded Assassin," in a hip-hop duo known as "Rapping Under the Influence." 

During his time in Pittsburgh, John also fell in love with another popular American staple, professional wrestling. At age 16, he enrolled in the PWX Wrestling Academy in McKeesport, Pa, training under Nikita Allanov. Not quite ready the first time around, John re-entered wrestling school 3 years later, training under and completing a program ran by Sterling James Keenan, later known as Corey Graves of WWE fame. Throughout Western Pa and West Virginia, John competed under the name of "Robert Colossus," a 5'6 body builder character with severe delusions of grandeur, often placing himself in the same leagues as Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. As of 2017, Robert Colossus has had two official wins, once in 2014 during a three-way dance for a ministry event, and again in 2015 for the same event, valiantly defeating a 7 foot giant known as "Jack Massacre." (Even if it was only by count out!)

An avid reader, John undertook his most ambitious endeavor in 2011, trying to mirror his idols Stephen King and Clive Barker by writing his own horror story. 9 months later, his first novel, Red Town Lost, was completed. To John's utter shock and astonishment, this work was accepted and published by Dave Barnett and Necro Publications in early 2012, prompting him to write three more works, 12 Nights of Sorry (available on, The Isolation Anthology (a book of short stories, not yet published), and Us (which will hopefully be on book shelves by the end of 2017).

Now, John mainly focuses on his writing career. However, it is not unheard of for him to cram his bodacious posterior into a pair of tights and hobble down to the ring for a fight, nor is out of his nature to pick up a microphone and grace the crowd with his incredible flow and microphone skills under his new hip-hop name, B-Unknown. 

Mostly though, these days you can catch him writing a new book, watching Impractical Jokers, and chatting away with the love of his life, Cherry Bohawi,  a gorgeous lady from the Philippines who he plans on marrying by the end of 2017!

© 2017 by John Shupeck

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